Recently we updated a presentation about Göthes Group. The reasons for this are many, but merely important is to answer one question in particular; Who is Göthes?

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The consolidation phase takes it start in the beginning of year 2000. Göthes has got more specialized into different business areas such as fittings, security and technique. A natural effect is that each business area also takes more responsibility and set up its own aims. The change in itself showed to be an efficient way to filter out and specialize whereas knowledge easily could be shared within the group.  In the beginning of 2014 we started to change in the organization where each business area becomes its own LTD. Today Göthes AB is the mother of Göthes Industribeslag (fittings) Ltd., Göthes Säkerhet (security) Ltd., and Göthes Teknik (technique) Ltd.

The history takes it´s beginning 1861..

  • 1861: On November 25th 1861, Jean Abraham Göthe opened a small hardware store that became the basis of today's Göthes Group.
  • 1906 - 1907: Göthes Järn was reorganized and became an Ltd. Company "AB J.A. Göthes Järnvaruaffär". The same year was also the launch of the first product catalogue, preserved up until today. Jean Abraham Göthe dies, his son Bernhard becomes president.
  • 1917: AB J. A. Göthes Järnvaruaffär was bought by Carl Brolin.
  • 1964: A new era begins when Bengt Östlund buys Göthes. He starts a restructuring where Göthes develops into an ironware wholesaler with products from among other Assa-Stenman and Bulten-Kanthal. In other words locks, fittings and fastenings.
  • 1972: Göthes acquires Nils Ericson & Co in Leksand and buys lands in Roxnäs for future relocation.
  • 1987: Bengt Östlund is succeeded by his son Håkan Östlund whom becomes the new CEO. Håkan refines the business where focus moves from building material and subsidiaries to the end customer and user.
  • 2001: Göthes acquires Gästrike Lås AB in Sandviken.
  • 2003: Göthes opens a new office in Kungsbacka.
  • 2011: Göthes celebrate 150 years.
  • 2012: Göthes sold AB Nils Ericsson & Co In Leksand to AB Karl Hedin AB, Falun.
  • 2013: Göthes sold Commercial Real Estate that Göthes Group don’t use for own business to NP3 Fastigheter AB. The electronic newsletter Up to date is created. The Kungsbacka Office celebrates 10 years.
  • 2014: Göthes sold Gästrike Lås AB in Sandviken to Låstjänst Alarm AB in Gävle. Göthes acquires Dala Teleservice, Lotech and Industribeslag.
  • 2015: A new era has started. Today, the Göthes Group divides up their operations into three business areas through three Ltd.: Göthes Industribeslag AB, Göthes Säkerhet AB and Göthes Teknik AB.
  • 2061: Göthes celebrates 200 years.

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