• GÖTHES AB markets and distributes quality goods to the industry and construction sectors, public administration and the OEM market in Sweden.
  • Routines and other requirements applied at the company must comply – by a good margin – with the requirements laid down in the SS EN ISO 9001 and SS EN ISO 14001 standards.
  • All functions are to have clear responsibility, sufficient authority, appropriate competence and the necessary resources to carry out their work and to ensure that promises made are kept with a high level of service, both internally and externally.
  • Our employees are to have the opportunity to develop in line with their own requirements and those of the company. Ongoing training and an efficient exchange of information are to contribute to this.
  • We are to work to ensure a good internal and external environment. Our actions are to contribute to sustainable development, i.e. development that accommodates current requirements without adversely affecting the opportunities of future generations to cover their needs.
  • Of course, we are to comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and other requirements within this area.
  • In addition, we are actively to influence external stakeholders in general, and suppliers in particular.
  • The reason for this is to ensure that we, our customers and our suppliers work to prevent and minimise negative environmental impact, and thus make strides towards greater environmental responsibility.
  • All employees are to contribute to ongoing improvement work and to promote positive development.


Göthes AB
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