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Barndiabetes Fonden

The Children’s Diabetes Foundation
For many years, Göthes has supported this foundation in its research into children’s diabetes. The overriding aim is to solve the mystery of this terrible illness that affects many children and teenagers every year.

Leksands IF

Leksands IF
Göthes has been a sponsor of Leksands IF for many years.

Vale das areias

The wine
Göthes Wine is made in Portugal, by the ambitious and innovative winery Vale das Areias in Estremadura, approx. 50 km north of Lisbon. When young, the wine is rich and fruity with plenty of body and just a hint of a coarse edge. Time helps develop both wine and friendship into a complex and harmonious experience, where every meeting is a new pleasure. This applies to Göthes Wine – and to our relations with our business partners.

Mötes öl

The beer
Göthes "arton sextioett" is the Pils beer produced by the Nils Oscar brewery in Nyköping. It is a light, fresh beer with a tight and clear bitterness. The beer’s unmistakably elegant aroma comes from the noble Czech Saazer hops, which give the beer a fresh, slim and elegant nature. Mötesöl beer is excellent with shellfish, strongly spiced dishes, etc. You can also enjoy it on its own, just as it is – but it is best not to drink it straight from the bottle, as this will rob you of the pleasure of all the fine shades and tones that come from the excellent ingredients and the slow cold fermentation process. Best served at 8–10ºC and at festive get-togethers.

Wine Diploma

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